Our kids are not all healthy & happy.
We’re changing that.

If you think school
budgets are stressed,
you should see our kids.

Wellness Centers bring together many different aspects of student health under one roof.  A center includes school counselors, a school nurse, a social worker, community and mental health partners, youth empowerment groups and much more.  When a student walks into a Wellness Center, they know they are in a safe space.

The need

1 %
of middle school students report depression
1 %
of middle school students say they have considered suicide
1 %
identify with having behavioral concerns

The outcome

1 %
improvement in overall school competence
1 %
reduced reports of bullying
1 %
reduced suspensions of students

Reduces barriers to learning

We believe student wellness helps reduce barriers to learning and assists students as they grow into productive adults. The Foundation contributes to promoting the mental and physical wellness of NVUSD students by being an integral part of the NVUSD Wellness Center Initiative and a major benefactor of NVUSD Physical Education programs. Napa Valley Unified School District’s students deserve success. Many students struggle with learning barriers due to their physical health, mental health, social and emotional support and school connectedness. The Foundation strives to support NVUSD programs that positively impact student physical and mental health, and improve student learning. (LCAP Goals 1 & 4).


The Foundation secured $1.2 million for the NVUSD Wellness Center Initiative, bringing student health centers to all 4 middle school campuses. All Napa middle school students now have on-site access to mental health and counseling services during or after school. This provides immediate intervention and treatment services to students in partnership with local providers such as Napa County Mental Health Services, Clinic Ole, Family Service, Aldea and COPE Family Center.


Each year, the Napa Valley Education Foundations hosts the Napa Valley Wellness Conference. With three days of invigorating and innovative breakouts, this conference attracts more than 300 attendees from across California and beyond! Learn more at


The Foundation advocates for and helps fund physical education programs, including the K-3 PE Program, reinstating dedicated physical education teachers in elementary schools. Foundation funding provided and continues to provide proper equipment at all 20 elementary school sites for 8,300 children.

Help Us Help Our Kids


Napa Valley Education Foundation is the lead organization in the Napa Wellness Collaborative that is committed to building and sustaining Wellness Centers at all NVUSD school campuses. To support this endeavor, NVEF has established the Youth Wellness Fund to provide additional funding during times of natural disaster or emergency when the need for student mental health services spikes by as much as 50%. Proceeds from the Fund help to expand staff to provide an increased number of group and individual counseling sessions, health and wellness screenings and assistance with accessing resources for housing, transportation, food security and more.


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