Health & Wellness

Eliminating Barriers to Learning

We believe student wellness is the cornerstone of academic success. The Foundation promotes the mental and physical wellness of students by being an integral part of the NVUSD Wellness Center Initiative, operating the successful FLAGG program, being the lead agency of the SHINE Collaborative and hosting the Napa Valley Wellness Conference.

Since 2014, the Foundation has worked to expand services across all Napa County public schools so every child in need of mental health support can get it for free, through their school site. With schools and community partners, we are shaping a future where every child will achieve their highest potential.

Making a difference every day


students per day visit each of the 7+ wellness centers built and operated in partnership with NVEF.​


students screened annually to identify mental health needs and connect them to services.​


attendees trained on innovative school-based mental health through the Napa Valley Wellness Conference​

Wellness Centers

In 2014, the Foundation secured $1.2 million for the NVUSD Wellness Center Initiative, bringing student health centers to all 4 middle school campuses. In the decade since, students now have on-site access to mental health and counseling services across every school site at the district. This provides immediate intervention and treatment services to students in partnership with local providers.​

Wellness Conference

Each year, the Napa Valley Education Foundations hosts the Napa Valley Wellness Conference. With three days of invigorating and innovative breakouts, this conference attracts more than 300 attendees from across California and beyond! Learn more at

SHINE Collaborative

In 2022, a group of nonprofit community mental health organization (Mentis, Aldea, On the Move, UpValley Family Centers and Napa Valley Education Foundation) formed to begin a collaboration to bring additional funding, resources, coordination and outcome measurement to school-based mental health programs. The collaboration is funded in partnership with Napa Valley Vintners (Collective Napa Valley). Learn more at

FLAGG Program

Led by Student Leaders, FLAGG (Filipino Life and Generation Group) offers small discussion groups where youth can share experiences and embrace their Filipino heritage while fostering personal, social, and cultural growth. This intergenerational initiative welcomes students of Filipinx descent in Napa County to join, share, and thrive.

Current Opportunities

Our health and wellness initiative offers a wide range of programs and services available to all students in Napa County. 

SHINE Collaborative

A collective impact for youth mental health.

Our mission is to ensure that all youth in Napa County have access to the mental health services they need to lead happy, healthy, and self-sufficient lives. 

A partnership between Aldea, Mentis, NVEF, On the Move, and UpValley Family Centers.


Filipino Life & Generation Group

FLAGG members form small discussion groups that meet 1 day a week during the school year and allow youth to share their life experiences, feelings, and Filipino culture. FLAGG is led by Student Leaders, who plan & run a variety of activities that encourage personal, social, and cultural growth.

Support Youth Mental Health

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