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The Music Connection is open by appointment.

To rent an instrument, please select “Rent an Instrument” below.  To come into our office for any other reason such as returning an instrument, making a payment or to repair an instrument, please select “Office Appointment”.

Since 1997, the Music Connection has been dedicated to connecting 4th – 12th grade students with music — regardless of their ability to pay — by providing quality musical instruments, music camps, workshops, and performances for more than 6,000 students each year.

Students can select from nearly 1,000 instruments including flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, violin, viola and cello. Instruments are rented to 71% of students for only $10 per month.

Music Connection is currently open by appointment only. 

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The arts are always the first programs to be cut when funding runs short.
So kids get shortchanged. You can be an instrument to inspire.

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Ways to get involved

Band and String Buddies

Band and String Buddies is a free afterschool program that pairs 4th and 5th grade band and string students with a personalized musician “buddy” — either a high school student or a music teacher. This weekly extracurricular time together builds student engagement and skill for the more than 75 students who participate.

Valley Honor Band and Orchestra

The Honor String Orchestra and Honor Band for middle school students is a free afterschool program that focuses on expanding technique, tuning and pedagogy. It lays the foundation for music theory and musicianship and is a vital program for continuing middle school students’ music education due to classroom program cuts.

Summer Music Workshops

Summer Music Workshops are two-week music camps offering 4th – 8th grade participants a total of 24 hours of music instruction — the equivalent of an entire year of music instruction at the elementary level. Led by NVUSD music teachers, with high school students serving as mentors, these camps expand upon what has been taught in the classroom and focus on the fundamentals of music education.

Music Festival Days

Music Festival Days bring together 5th – 12th grade band, strings and choral musicians. The elementary and middle school students perform and work with their future music teacher(s), while the high school students act as mentors and hosts to the younger musicians. These nine days of music, learning and collaborating each culminate with a concert performed by the 300 students from all grade levels.

Instrument Rental & Sales

Band Instruments

FLUTE/CLARINET: new $30.00, used $25.00
TRUMPET/TROMBONE: new $35.00, used $30.00
SAXOPHONE: new $70.00, used $65.00

String Instruments

VIOLIN: new $20.00, used $15.00
VIOLA: new $25.00, used $20.00
CELLO: new $50.00, $45.00

Donate an Instrument

Please send us an email with your name, contact info, and the instrument you would like to donate, sign up for rentals