Music and Arts

We believe music and arts are an integral part of the school day. Our goal is to provide all students with access to arts and music education. The Foundation houses the Music Connection, a program dedicated to connecting students and music, and is a partner in the NVUSD Arts Education Master Plan. We want all students to have equitable and sequential music and arts education.

Music Connection

The Foundation’s Music Connection program provides low/no-cost instrument rentals to more than 600 students in the school district. More than 35% of instruments go to low income families. The program does not turn away students based on their ability to pay, and offers free instruments to those in need... LEARN MORE

Summer Music Camps

Each year, the Foundation provides summer music camps to high school students, encouraging practice, growth and fun during the summer months. The program regularly serves 30 students and provides scholarships to all students in need of financial support. Learn more...



The mission of NVUSD Arts is to inspire the artist in every student and to ensure equitable access to a culturally-relevant arts curriculum, facilitated by passionate, reflective, credentialed teachers. Learn more...