Free Summer Opportunities!

Through the generous support of our donors and partners, the Napa Valley Education Foundation is able to offer free summer programing to Napa County public school students. Learn more and enroll in individual programs below. 

Summer Mentor Program

June 21-August 11
High School Students

Interested in learning new skills and earning a summer job? Join the NVEF Summer Mentor Programs! These 8-week-long hands-on programs provide real-world experience in some of Napa’s key industries. Participating students will earn experience and learn from some of the top leaders in Napa Valley! These programs are open to all students in Napa County age 16 and up. Spots are available for at-risk youth and students with special needs.

Digital Careers Bootcamps

Opportunities Available all Summer!
Middle & High School Students

Free online and in-person certification courses for middle and high school students who are seeking to learn about careers in the digital workplace! This summer we are offering courses that lead to certifications in Coding & Game Design with Game Salad, and Graphic Design & Video Editing with Adobe. Attendees will also gain valuable insights from industry professionals who will share their career paths and experiences in these fields!

Summer Music 

Opportunities Available all Summer!
Elementary, Middle, & High Students

The Music Connection is proud to present our Summer Music Camps, made possible by the generous support of our donors and partners! Students will fine-tune their music skills by practicing in sectionals, focusing on ensemble work, and playing music games. These camps are a great way to take your musicianship to the next level, to gear up for your next year of music! Choir, band, strings, and musical theater camps are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do?

FLAGG members attend small discussion groups which meet on Monday, 6:30-8:00 pm, from October to May of the School Year. Each FLAGG Group has students from ACMS and ACHS, adult mentors, and student leaders, who encourage the sharing of issues and concerns important to their everyday lives, in a safe and non-judgmental environment. At FLAGG meetings, students explore topics of importance to youth: Communication, Relationships, Current Events, Racism, etc. We also discuss topics of Filipino cultural importance: History, Food, Music, Humor, Immigration, Family, etc. Lastly, FLAGG members explore topics of mental health and coping strategies. As Covid restrictions lift, FLAGG hopes to have large group activities, such as Cultural Field Trips, Guest Speakers, Movie Nights, active participation in the Pista Sa Nayon Filipino Festival, and other Filipino culture events.

Why should I join?

The California Healthy Kids Survey shows that Filipinx students experience uncommonly high levels of anxiety, depression, and other wellness issues, without the typical identifiers for these conditions. The trauma of the pandemic, along with local and national events, have added to their anxiety and stress. FLAGG provides support for students dealing with these unique concerns, through the strong bonds of friendship and community which form within each group. FLAGG allows students to openly share their struggles and concerns in an atmosphere of mutual respect trust. The program also fosters cultural, social and personal growth in each member, including opportunities for community service and leadership.

Where do we meet?

During the Covid-19 crisis, FLAGG meetings will be conducted via Zoom, on Mondays, from 6:30-8:00 pm. As safety restrictions lift, FLAGG is working towards in-person discussion meetings, at a time, day and place to be determined by FLAGG Coordinators and student leaders.

Who belongs?

Students who identify as Filipinx from Napa County Middle Schools and High Schools, along with Filipinix adult mentors from the local community, can be members of FLAGG. The opportunity to: (1) make friendships with students from different grade levels, and (2) to develop mentorships with responsible adults is an important and unique aspect of this intergenerational program.