Changing tomorrow starts today.

The public funding gap for our schoolteachers and students is huge. If we don’t make a difference for them today, what does our tomorrow look like?

If you give schools half the money they need,
do you graduate half a student?

We are the foundation for our kids' futures.

Napa Valley Education Foundation supports the dreams of more than 17,000 students, and we can’t do this without you. Of the 29 schools in the Napa Valley Unified School District across Napa, and American Canyon, 50% of the students are from low-income households, and 60% are from minority backgrounds. These kids are our future.

Dollars in Action

It’s simple. Tomorrow’s adults are our underserved kids today.

What We Fund

The programs we fund are the first to be cut. And they’re vital.

Make Your Donation

Join with your neigbors to change our schools today.

Every day, NVEF supports the district’s work by providing critical extra programs students need to perform their best: music and arts, health and wellness, career preparation, and teacher innovation grants. To do this, we need to raise $1.8 million annually. And we can’t get there without you!

The Numbers Tell The Story

Dollars Raised Every Year

$ 1 M

To fill school district funding gap

Teacher Grants

$ 1 M

Since 1983, NVEF has awarded $1.3M to fund programs our teachers create for innovative learning experiences





1 %
Low Income
1 %
minority background


$ 1 K

For elementary school PE programs


$ 1 M

Raised for middle school Wellness Centers to support mental health, social and emotional well-being

Music Connection

1 +

4th - 12th grade students inspired through camps, festivals, after school and summer programs

Instrument Rentals

1 %

Of Music Connection’s annual instrument rentals are at a no/low rate to families in need


1 %

Of high school students who participate in the 8-week Summer Mentor Program are hired upon completion of their internship

Mentoring + Internships

1 +

8th – 12th grade students receive career exploration opportunities at 300 businesses annually

Healthier, Happier

1 %
Reduced Bullying
1 %
Reduced Suspensions

Middle School Wellness Centers improve behavior and social/emotional functioning for 4,500 students while reducing reports of bullying by 41% and suspensions by 61%

Our Programs Make A Difference


District-Wide Support.
Local impact.

300 local businesses offer a critical pivot point for our kids, grades K to 12. We can’t name them all, but we’d like to add yours – and start changing lives today.
Lend A Hand

Become a Volunteer

Our kids are counting on us.