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NapaLearns Fellows Program

The NapaLearns Fellows program was founded in 2010 by NapaLearns board members and Napa County’s superintendents to boost innovative teaching and learning practices in classrooms across Napa Valley. Today more than 170 educators in Napa County have participated in the program and earned their Master’s degree in Innovative Learning.
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Napa Valley Education Foundation is proud to provide 50% tuition support for Napa County teachers and administrators to earn their Master’s degree in Innovative Learning at Touro University of California. Participating educators learn about the latest tools and strategies that can be leveraged to boost engagement in the classroom and drive academic success for all students.


All educators are provided the opportunity to investigate a problem of practice in their school or classroom and use action research to develop and test possible solutions. These capstone projects are then shared and can be leveraged across Napa County to provide innovative teaching and learning insights and best practices to all educators in the community.

Graduates leave the program as instructional leaders equipped with new skills and a new outlook on their ability to solve complex problems in their classrooms.

Eligibility Requirements

All certificated Napa County public education teachers or administrators are eligible to apply for a scholarship. Substitute teachers are ineligible at this time.
Participating educators agree to:
  • Share coursework and research projects with NVEF stakeholders and the wider Napa Valley education community
  • Provide program feedback on the quality of the coursework
  • Participate in yearly professional development opportunities hosted by NVEF.

Fellows Directory:
See the Graduate’s Work

Check out the amazing work of our NapaLearns Fellows. All NapaLearns Fellows have developed action research showcasing innovative teaching and learning solutions. 

Interested in applying?

Interested in becoming a NapaLearns Fellow?

For more information contact: 
Pamela Redmond, Ed.D. Professor & Chair of Graduate Studies
707-638-5452 •

Or visit the Touro University of California website to learn more and apply.