Arts In The Classroom

Our mission is to inspire the artist in every student and to ensure equitable access to a culturally-relevant arts curriculum, facilitated by passionate, reflective, credentialed teachers. We are a voice for the arts so the arts may give voice to all students.
Teachers, would you like to bring an artist to your classroom? Artists can provide presentations about art industry careers, conduct age-appropriate and standards-based arts instruction (with your help!), and enhance learning with art projects.
Artists, would you like to share your passion about the arts with students? Visiting Artists are welcome to visit NVUSD classrooms to present about careers in the arts industry, provide arts instruction, or enhance learning with special arts projects.

for visiting artists

Help teachers find you.  Upload an Artist Profile with the Arts Council Napa Valley's new "Creative Directory", and please make sure to add that you are willing to work with students/teachers.

Connect with a school.  If you don't have a relationship with a teacher already, feel free to visit the school district's website to reach out to a School Principal or the NVUSD Art Coordinator.

working with visiting artists

Teachers, bring an artist to your classroom. Visiting artists  may need to be fingerprinted in order to work in a classroom. Please check with your school site to learn more. They may need to stop by the NVUSD HR Office (Room 117) to get the "Volunteer" fingerprinting packet.

arts standards

California has adopted a set of standards for the arts, divided by grade.  Click below to learn more about what students should be learning in each grade.

California Arts Standards (Updated Standards 2019)

Visual and Performing Arts Framework (2001)

CA Arts Initiative

Need project ideas? Scroll below to find many great ways to engage a Visiting Artist with links to project ideas, standards by grade level, and more!
Start here with the CA Superintendents' wonderful webpage with valuable resources, then scroll below to dig into some great project ideas!


art project ideas

Below you will find a few links on how to incorporate art projects or artful learning into the classroom.

steam project ideas

Need help with STEAM projects that focus on the arts? Visit the websites below for ideas.

funding and resources

Need help with finding an artists or funding?  Below you will find links to grant opportunities and Creative Directory to find an artist.


NVUSD Teacher Guide

Below you will find a a guide with information on what steps need to be done to bring in an artist.

NVUSD Artist Guide

Below you will find a guide with information on what steps need to be made before entering a classroom. 

For more information about NVUSD Arts and the Arts Master Plan, visit or contact Chuck Neidhoefer, Arts Coordinator, 707-259-8845,