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Napa Valley Education Foundation History

In 1983, at the request of Napa Superintendent Dr. Robert Hansen, community leaders formed The Napa Valley Unified Education Foundation (NVUEF) to assist in funding K-12 public education. Dorothy Sercu, Bud Gelow and Frank Silva attended a conference in September of 1983 in order to learn more about establishing an educational non-profit foundation. Vallergas Market provided the prize for a raffle that raised $2,000 to pay for costs associated with launching the NVUEF, with tickets sold to teachers and district administrators.

In October of 1983, a committee of 25 people representing all segments of the community agreed to serve as the original Board of Directors. The law firm of Dickenson, Peatman and Fogarty provided pro-bono legal assistance in order to establish the NVUEF as a non-profit corporation with the first meeting of the Board of Directors held in November, 1983. The first officers of the NVUEF were Duncan Knudsen (President), Anne Kirlin (Vice President), Dorothy Sercu (Secretary) and Mel Gelow (Treasurer). The goals of the NVUEF as stated were:

• To enrich school programs
• To fund innovative educational techniques
• To maintain educational excellence by means of fundraising activities

In its first year of existence the NVUEF awarded mini-grants to teachers, held a student leadership conference, organized a dinner-dance fundraiser at Mondavi Winery and hosted the inaugural Napa Valley Wine Festival which raised $23,000 in support of the foundation’s activities.

From its inception, the NVEF Board of Directors has continued to hold monthly meetings and has steadily increased its fundraising and school support. Since 1983, the NVEF has raised more than $1 million which has been used to support the Mini and Major Grants program, individual requests from teachers and other appropriate groups and district-wide programs. The NVEF’s significance is not measured in dollars alone. Its importance is in educational public relations, visibility in classrooms and support of teachers, response to the needs of the Napa Valley Unified School District when requested, and directing NVEF support aligned with our mission and vision to organizations identified by the Board of Directors.

1. Alta Heights Elementary School
2. Bel Aire Park Elementary
3. Browns Valley Elementary School
4. Canyon Oaks Elementary School
5. Donaldson Way Elementary School
6. El Centro Elementary School
7. Irene M. Snow Elementary School
8. McPherson Elementary School
9. Mount George Elementary School
10. Napa Junction Elementary School
11. Napa Valley Language Academy
12. Northwood Elementary School
13. Phillips Elementary School
14. Pueblo Vista Elementary School
15. Salvador Elementary School
16. Shearer Charter Elementary School
17. Stone Bridge School
18. Vichy Elementary School
19. West Park Elementary School
20. Yountville Elementary School

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Napa Valley Education Foundation History

We believe NVUSD provides an excellent education for students in our community. Every day, we support their work by providing critical extra programs students need to perform their best. We want all our students to graduate from high school ready for college or a successful career.

Each year, we raise nearly $500,000 to fund critical gaps in public funding for education. We believe an investment in education is an investment in our future!

The Napa Valley Unified School District has thirty schools and an enrollment of 18,000 students. The district is developing the next generation of leaders in our community, preparing students for today’s fast-paced world. The district strives to provide a rich academic experience that includes critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. The Napa Valley Education Foundation supports teachers, students and the district to ensure all students are engaged and prepared for success in college, career and life.


The Napa Valley Education Foundation exists only through the generosity of those who believe in and support our mission. Please consider donating! Your contribution will support the education of our local students.